Fresh Asian Favorites

(Served with Steamed Rice. Upgrade to Brown Rice $1.00)
Choose from the following ingredients and pair it with a dish below.
Make your Asian Favorite into a complete dinner for 4.75
Choice of soup: hot & sour soup or egg flower soup
Appetizer: egg roll, cream cheese wonton and butter fried shrimp

Chicken $11.95    Beef $12.95           Shrimp $15.75

Fish $15.45            Scallop $16.95      Pork $11.95

Kung Pao
seared red chili peppers, roasted peanuts, and scallions in a spicy sauce wok-tossed with water chestnuts and zucchini.


sweet oyster sauce, black mushroom soy, garlic, ginger, and chili paste wok’d with water chestnuts, wood-ear mushroom, broccoli, and bell pepper.


Spicy Garlic
toasted garlic, oyster sauce and  soy with a splash of wine tossed with bell pepper, onion, and mushroom.



Sweet & Sour
pineapple chunks, bell peppers,  carrots and onions in our favorite sweet & sour sauce.



a tart citrus sauce topped with fresh lemon slices



the ultimate sweet Japanese soy glaze topped with sesame seeds.


wok’d with onions, carrots and bell pepper in our favorite Indian curry sauce.


Orange Peel
tossed with orange peels, red chili peppers, and scallions for a spicy citrus combination.



rich black mushroom soy, sweet oyster sauce, and garlic wok’d with seared green and white onions.



Black Bean
garlic brown sauce, black bean and ginger, wok’d with bell peppers and onion.



Fresh Vegetables
sauteed mixed vegetables in a white wine sauce



Green Bean
garlic brown sauce, black beans, ginger with bell pepper and onion



wok’d with scallions in a fiery sauce.


Hot & Spicy


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